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What is America?

"We the People."

Without it's people, America is a geographical expanse, a collection of empty cities and a set of dead laws - it is no longer a nation. Destroy the people of America and you destroy America itself. Please note I did not say "Kill the people." Americans can and are being destroyed simply by being cajoled into surrendering their belief in their own inalienable rights.

Most Americans are no longer Americans.

Most Americans have already been destroyed.

The destroyers are the Transnational Corporations. Everyone in the Bush Administration, almost all other American politicians (absolutely including Clinton, Kerry, and Gore) most political appointees, and intelligence are merely stooges of their shadowy corporate masters. Most of the "opposition" is compromised and corrupted  to deflect attention from the truth.  And of course the media is a hotbed of whores.

But then if you, as an American, knew in your heart that the Bush family helped Adolph Hitler come to power and profited from concentration camp labor; that the 1984 rescue attempt of the hostages in Iran was deliberately sabotaged by those in the military controlled by the Neocons (think Oliver North); that Clinton shifted the "left" to the right of center and paved the way for the Bush Administration [hereafter termed as the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) Junta]; that the PNAC Junta created George Bush's political agenda nine years before he ran for President; that they stole the 2000 elections; that Osama bin Laden still works for the CIA and brought down the towers  at the PNAC Junta's bidding; that Iraq and Afghanistan have been invaded solely to secure the pipeline routes to central Asia; that Howard Dean was made to look like a fool by the mainstream media so that a sell-out shill could take the Democratic nomination instead and guarantee another four years (at least) of the PNAC Junta; that nothing has been done to make America safer; that our liberties are being robbed wholesale in the pretense that we are being made safer; that corporations, and the families that own them are being made wealthier and more powerful at the expense of the other 99% of the population (hey didn't you know? Corporations are people too!); that illegal immigrants are deliberately being allowed to overwhelm America while jobs are being outsourced, and experts are being imported; that the Transnational Corporate Fascists want to erase all national borders (except maybe China - one good enemy abroad justifies so many indignities at home) and reduce us all to Third-World Poverty - if you knew and believed all these things - what would you do?

Probably nothing.

Nothing at all.

Well at least you could stop calling yourself an American.

Of course most of you reading this are probably incensed with my wacko conspiracy theory allegations, and my obvious hatred of America...    whatever...  Oh wait, that's entirely the point of this website - it is because you are too deluded, complacent and incompetent to overthrow your slave masters that I am saying all this.  I am completely resigned to the fact that Corporate Fascists will dominate the Earth and destroy all human life and many other life forms as well. So, I might as well become a whore and pick up whatever crumbs I can, for as long as I can. But, I will be an honest whore.

I will keep sticking it to you that down is in fact down, not up; that in is in and not out; that freedom is freedom and not a deep-fried potato; that patriotism is patriotism and not nationalism; and that the truth is the truth and not fair and balanced. Of course if you actually listen to me and effectively do something, I will then lie and say I was on your side all along...

If all goes well, most of you will passionately hate me, some will adore me, the media will have a field day with me, and the PNAC Junta will officially loathe me, but unofficially tolerate me.

The reason? Fascist bullies want you to know the truth in a form that allows them to rape you more deeply. If an uneducated buffoon such as myself reveals the PNAC Junta's deepest secrets (they aren't all that deep or secret - just read Mein Kampf) then their "experts" will have an easy time discrediting me, and you don't have to believe anything I say   -  ever.
And the more obvious the truths I give you become, the more loudly their experts can decry them, and the more desperately you can cling to their lies.

"Don't worry, be Happy" and check out my products.

If you haven't figured it out yet, all I want is your money.




Last updated: May 13, 2005

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